Full Book Release Soon!

As those who follow me on twitter (@nnaziri) and Facebook know, A Rainy Season was released in limited quantities by an independent publishing house – Lois Publishing – last Christmas. Based on feedback from readers and strong sales (sold out all limited release copies), I was sufficiently encouraged to pursue a publishing agreement with a larger assisted-publishing company, FriesenPress. Publishing through FriesenPress ensures that the book will be available through all major online book retailers (for paperback and hardcover) as well as through all major e-book avenues like Kobo, iTunes, Kindle and Nook.

I’m excited by the range of options provided through this larger publishing house but the change required some delays as we went through their internal processes, which is why the book has not been available up till now. That process is now – mostly – complete and we are awaiting a go live date which is expected to be sometime in mid- to late August depending on their publishing schedule.

I’m excited to see the book – which has gone through a couple of key changes, all for the better I assure you – hit the stores soon and I hope you help make it a bestseller. More importantly, I hope you post a review on this site or on places like Amazon as feedback from readers is the most important gift an author can receive.

~ Nnaziri

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