One Month into Book Release

So far so good!

I think that’s the best way to define the last month, which has certainly had its ups and downs as far as the release of A Rainy Season. If anyone had told me this much work was involved post-writing, I may never have submitted my manuscript, but I’m glad that I did. Receiving those freshly printed complimentary copies of a work that took two years and countless hours of editing and reformatting to put together was euphoric. Of course, there was the pre-release by Lois Publishing last fall but this time – maybe because of the wider release – it felt all the more real. Of course, the book hasn’t become a bestseller yet, so that is a disappointment (LOL) but the positive vibes I’ve received from many friends has been a rewarding experience. Hopefully, it becomes a bestseller soon with your help.

What would make my experience even better would be the receipt of reviews. There’s no bigger reward for a author or writer than to receive feedback from readers. I will not get upset if you dislike the book, I promise. Hopefully, though, that has not been your experience and I’d love to hear what worked for you, what didn’t and where perhaps you would have liked to see the story go in terms of character development or the ending. So far, two reviews have been posted to the website – – and I’m pleased with what the commenters had to say. Almost as importantly, please share the word with your friends and family, especially those of African descent or those who are interested in African literature.

To those who have purchased a copy, thanks. To those who haven’t, what are you waiting for?
~ Nnaziri

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